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Shelly Erkman

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> STEP 1 Know your Core Why

The simple 1st steps to get started.

  • Why are you here to build a Network Marketing business? 

What is your desire, goal, dream, vision?

    1. Do you need to pay your bills?
    2. Do you want a better car?
    3. Do you want to quit your JOB and work from home with more flexible hours?
    4. Do you need more money so you can stop saying no to your kids?
    5. Do you want a retirement fund?
    6. Are you tired of being broke?
    7. Do you feel like there is something more out there you could do?
  • Who do you know that you want to share this with?

Like your Hairdresser, car mechanic, insurance agent, realtor….

People that know your work ethic and know you love to work hard…. Do you want to help me out by learning what I am working so hard for?

There are the people you would invite to your wedding?

Who owes you 30 min of their time?

  • Now that you know who you want to share this product/Business with then pick the top 10 …. 

VIP system….. Find before and after photos…. 

Show a video or invite to an online zoom 

Show them how to place an order and sign up someone into their team.

Make your first curiosity post. See the ideas we have for you in the Social Media Library / Scripts.

> STEP 2 Download your Resources

  • Download Your Favorite Apps and Get Started Growing Your Business Right! 
  • Asea 2.0 

> STEP 3 Training Opportunities

See below and Set Reminders on Your Calendar For These Important Weekly Events!

8:30 AM MST
Password: MONDAY
8:30 AM MST
Password: MONDAY
8:30 AM MST
Password: MONDAY
6 PM MT (Invite a friend)
8:30 AM MST
Password: MONDAY
8:30 MST (Invite a friend)
Password: MONDAY
8 AM MST (Invite a friend)
Passcode: mastermind