Prelaunch Your Business

Gratitude - Why - What - Wow - Pre Launch

We are excited for you and your business! What is the most important thing when you start a business? It is your pre-launch. Want to have a faster start to your success? 

It’s very similar to when an airplane takes off. When taking off they don’t ever use half power! They use full throttle to create massive momentum to get the plane launched and in the air. 

When you start this business we want you to be excited! We want you to get a fast start and get you taking off with great momentum!

We have a pre-launch formula that you can follow step by step! 

You can download and print the guide below …. 

You are going to get uncomfortable to be comfortable! 

When you are launching your business the goal is to get in front of a lot of people really fast.

Reels and live video get results! If you have never done this before you WILL get results. People are curious and will tune into your lives because they wonder what you are up to!! 

Short videos are getting the most traction in the history of the world. 

We will give you examples and cheer you along. 

In the step by step guide we have a Pre launch script for you to send out to your top 10 people you want to do business with. 

Think of people you want to travel the world with and work with on a daily basis. These people know, like and trust  you. 

When you fill in the blank on the script you can say: 

Hey John, I am launching something new and I’m really excited about it because… (fill in the blank).

Let’s get started!-3 

Fill in the bank! 


Then you add them to the Facebook group, Healthy Life Healthy Tribe, where we  discuss products and testimonials. 

Check out guide number one that talks about the product. Next, check out guide number two that will direct you to the business opportunity Facebook group.

Within 24 hours, add them to a Facebook messenger group in a 3 way chat with other team experts. This allows them to be introduced to other people and help answer any questions they might have.

This is a powerful way to Leverage group chats & get your new team member fully supported! 


Follow the script in the Step by step guide!